December of 2017 began relatively balmy and then the snow and cold came, transforming moss-lined streams to ice sculptures and fields to fairylands.

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Dec 06.jpg

The freezing winds blew across the warmer ocean creating sea smoke from dawn to dusk.

Dec 09.jpg

Celestial events included full and crescent moons sailing over the sea and red sunsets, the sailor's delight.

Dec 10.jpg

Occasional new snow flurries sugared the waterfront.

There was, however, a calamity involving the Matilda Bay, shown immediately below in one of the flurries. A few days after this image was taken, she sank, apparently having been swamped during heavy night winds. That's a heartbreaking event, but our fishing community takes care of its own. In bitter weather, a group of fishermen recovered the Matilda Bay and she was towed to a repair facility. That recovery was a proud moment and is the subject of a special Journal edition earlier in the month.

Dec 15.jpg
Dec 16.jpg

In between flurries earlier in the month, the snows would melt and the deer would play. At the time, it was a little early for the red-nosed variety to browse.

Dec 18.jpg

In the end, however, December is a month for celebrating religious and secular holidays. Our neighbor Judith Fuller displays road banners to remind us of that and brighten our days. One of the highlights of the entire year is the December concert of festive music by the Bagaduce Chorale, which performed an excellent program with a large orchestra this year in nearby Blue Hill.

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(Brooklin, Maine)

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