We have too many blessings to count, but we do count some worries – and this little Mallard is one of five of them. He (assumption as to sex), his attentive Mom, and his four siblings have been safely convoying a local marsh pond for at least 10 days.

RJL_4699 edit 1-XL.jpg

All are quick to dart into the cattails at the slightest disturbance. Credit, as usual, goes to Mom; she must be ever-diligent and her babes must be well-trained. A young animal’s life often depends on its unthinking and immediate response to parental commands – Silence! Scatter! Hide! Come!


Their pond has no snapping turtles, as far as we know. However, we do have Ospreys and Bald Eagles – neighbors that appear to think that puffy duckling is the perfect hors d'oeuvre to have before a fish dinner.  (Brooklin, Maine)