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In Brooklin, Maine (2016)

In December, the creatures are stirring here and we like to believe that, if we hang our Christmas stocking by the wood stove with care, Santa will come and put a Loon in it.

We were reinforced in our belief by this charming roadside banner that was displayed by our neighbor Judith Fuller, but we recognize that there may be some who doubted our theory.

Nonetheless, there was no doubt that December here was a month for celebrating significant religiously- and culturally-based holidays and for welcoming family, friends, and strangers with seasonal lights and good cheer. There are many welcoming places here.

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As usual, Great Cove kept changing what she wore to show off for the holidays, including swirling diamonds, rippling silk, rolling turquoise and lace, and even glowing tawny and black opals.

It's supposed to be a Maine snow month, but here on the coast we had only one plowable snow storm this December. Even so, it still was a bit of a thrill to stand in the silence of our small December flurries while the flakes lightly frosted the spruce trees and reverently covered hallowed ground.

We did had impressive visits this month by snow’s cousin, sea smoke. The phenomenon of super-cold air blowing over the warmer air just above the water made our icy harbors look like they were about to boil.

Amid the December woods, the low sun sliced through the canopy where there once were leaves; it dappled the spruce and balsam fir trees and made spring-fed streams sparkle.

The seasonal lighting and the dark December nights can combine to create haunting hues and images reminiscent of some of Edward Hopper’s stark nighttime scenes, as in this image of our General Store, now undergoing reconstruction.

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Barbara and Dick