In Hancock County, Maine

July is when the wonderful days of summer get shorter and shorter as we try to do more and more within each one.

It’s a time to walk under seaside clouds through fields that are starting to turn to autumn colors.

July also can be a time to seek the thrills of fast, cold water.

On the other hand, it’s when we can tidy the front porch for the quiet enjoyment of summer days and evenings.

For many here, it’s a time to hunt the wind over clear waters.

It’s when the smallest and largest of our feathered tourists come here for working vacations.

It’s also a time to enjoy sand between your toes.

July is a lot more than this. We have many memories of the month that we’ll want to refresh from time to time as autumn and winter slide in. To see more of them, click the link below.  (We suggest that your initial viewing be in full screen mode. To do that, click the Slideshow button [>] above the featured image in the gallery.) Here’s the link to that gallery:


Barbara and Dick

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