September is the month in which we reluctantly let go of Summer and eagerly welcome Fall. It’s the month when chilly dawns are frequent.

Sept 01.jpg

The fields turn in September and need to be mowed, if they weren’t cut in August.

The mixed conifer-deciduous woods show more light as some of the leaves begin to fall

Sept 04.jpg

Streams and coves become favorite haunts and the sunsets and evening afterglows over the waters can be dramatic.

Sept 07.jpg

September mornings can be foggy in Great Cove, as the schooners come and go, but the fog usually burns off.

Sept 12.jpg

The Red Squirrels and Chipmunks are busy collecting food, even a rare white (pigment-deficient) Chipmunk. Green Frogs still laze in mid-September, but most are in hibernation by the end of the month.

The Spring fawns are active and quite large by September.

Sept 16.jpg

September is when many birds prepare to migrate or actually do migrate south. Many Wood Ducks are not going anywhere for a while; they’re in various stages of molt.Some Double-Crested Cormorants have started the trip, others still patrol the Cove at full throttle.

Sept 17.jpg

September is the month when you see both Monarch Butterflies and the Monarch Caterpillars from which more Monarchs would come.

Of course, September is the month that gardens erupt with the beauty of late-summer flowers.

Sept 22.jpg

Toward the end of September, Viburnums and a number other bushes start to blush deeply in anticipation of Fall’s arrival.

Sept 25.jpg

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