This is yesterday afternoon in nearby Acadia National Park. The lowering light has found “The Bubbles,” the two small mountains that sit above Jordon Pond.


We came to the Park to watch Fall’s peak performance. She has been a no-show so far in Down East, and the question is whether we’ll have a major performance by her at all this year. The birches in the Park's Sieur de Monts area have not turned significantly yet.


The view from Cadillac Mountain is all green and blue.


To be sure, some of Fall's warm-up acts in the Park are good – a bright orange tree here, a deep purple bush there, a flaming red creeper on a red brick wall above, lichen splotches on sun-warmed granite ledges ....

However, the Fall we’ve seen in past years has not shown up, at least yet. Nonetheless, her tardiness makes us realize that we’ve been spoiled. The Park was beautiful today. As is. As it always is. We’re fortunate to be here.  (Mount Desert Island, Maine)