There was less color around here this October than in other recent years. The reds of the wild blueberry fields and the colors of most trees and bushes at their peak seemed to be spotty and subtle, more pastel-like.

Fall 01.jpg

Perhaps this was because we have had no real cold snaps yet this Fall. We’ve also had less rain to keep the leaves soft. Many leaves dried before they could turn and then they fell victim to the October winds.

Fall 04.jpg

Grasses and ferns held there own and added character to foggy and cloudy days.

Fall 07.jpg

We may have been spoiled by prior stellar Fall showings, but (as you can see) we have no reason to feel sorry for ourselves. 

Fall 10.jpg

We should not end without mentioning the special kind of trees that become colorful in the Fall around here: Mooring Gear Trees.

Fall 13.jpg

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(Brooklin, Maine)

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