We’re at the Town Pier in Naskeag Harbor yesterday afternoon watching Brooklin’s Blue Sky take her turn in a somewhat poignant ongoing process. It’s almost like watching the belongings of friendly neighbors being taken to a place they shouldn’t be.

Blue Sky 04.jpg

A good number of our lobster fishermen (male and female) end their season about now. They bring up their traps and snuggle their boats to the Pier, where their gear is lifted onto their truck trailers.

Blue Sky 01.jpg

The traps are trucked to their home yards or elsewhere and stacked for the winter.

Blue Sky 05.jpg

Soon, the fishermen's boats also will be stored “on the hard” and these high-bowed friends that we loved to watch bobbing and pointing into the Harbor winds will become plastic-covered lumps. Until June.

(Brooklin, Maine)