As the color of the leaves fades, Lucille is now alone in Great Cove. She’s the last of our nautical line dancers that pointed, bobbed, and swung in unison. And, Lucille, herself, will be gone soon.


Looking in the other direction in the cove, we can see that the WoodenBoat School's float has been taken up from their pier for the winter and all of the School's fleet is gone.


After Lucille leaves, there will be no man-made resident in the Cove’s island- sheltered water. Winter’s residents will arrive in increasing numbers: sea ducks, loons, and other ocean birds; bald eagles that prey on them and on the fish; and, perhaps, more seals.


Lucille, by the way, is one of the vessels used by the Marine & Environmental Research Institute. Among other activities, MERI monitors the health of the local waters and wildlife. (Brooklin, Maine)