In Hancock County

February was added to the Roman calendar as the purification (februum) month; it was a time for Romans to participate in cleansing rituals. Similarly, February here is a time for us to participate in the purification brought by our most significant snow storms, including this year's blizzard that required multiple plowings during the storm to keep driveways open.

After each storm, the landscape glistened in the cold, clear air.

Familiar objects became art forms during and after February's snowstorms.

The Romans had to squeeze February into their year and, in doing so, the month eventually became our only one with less than 30 days. Nonetheless, February always seems to be one of the fullest months.

This year, February here contained, among other things, the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Maine’s performances of The Pirates of Penzance; the New England Patriots’ overtime win in the Super Bowl, which many early-risers here watched well past their bedtimes; a sunny Valentine’s Day preceded and followed by blizzard-like conditions, and the Oscars presentations, which had their own bizarre overtime win that kept people awake.

Two of these February events were celebrated by neighbor Judith Fuller's road banners.

These man-made events in February were enjoyable, but the really impressive shows were put on by Mother Nature during the month, including her choreography for low-level light, choppy sea, and rugged shores.

February was, on average, not what we would consider cold, notwithstanding all the snow.  It was a month with many days that were meant to be enjoyed outside – especially by Red Squirrels roaming on top of high snow drifts and dogs cavorted happily over sandbars during low tide.

That’s not to say that it always was enjoyable to be outside this February. We had a few wickedly cold and windy days during which even the hardiest of Mainers had to hunker down, tuck it in, and wait things out.

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