You know that “The Season” is starting here in Sailing Country when boathouse doors are left open, as if to encourage the spring light to gently awaken the hibernating inhabitants.

The most eager sailors are getting their boats into Eggemoggin Reach before Memorial Day.

Vessels are being returned to the water daily

The great majority of boats will be happily in their element by July 4.

Getting the boats into the water is just the prelude to getting them in sailing shape, which can be a complicated process.

Slowly, one by one, our sailing harbors are filling with hulls and masts -- things are beginning to look normal again.

Center Harbor, home of the Brooklin Boatyard, is shown here. Soon, Great Cove, home of the WoodenBoat School, will be receiving the School's fleet and other boats that moor there. (Brooklin, Maine)

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