In Hancock County

May is the month to love and honor those who gave others life (Mother’s Day) and those who risked their own (Memorial Day).

It’s also the time to enjoy the reappearance here of new lives and lifestyles in the form of birds, boats, and buds. Among the first birds to arrive here in May are the Tree Swallows, Red-Winged Blackbirds, and Ospreys.

May also is the month when our resident male Wild Turkeys get into the act by recreating themselves as other-worldly creatures that puff up to twice their size and slowly strut to get female attention.

The doors of boat houses are thrown open and the smaller boats brought outside and cleaned in May.

Moorings are anchored and checked and smaller boats backed into Eggemoggin Reach.

The coastal schooners begin to take tourists here in May.

Stephen Taber  (1871)

Stephen Taber (1871)

In the bud and bloom department, the May gardens are simply outrageous with color.

At the end of May, the renewal is still in process: Wild grasses in the fields have not yet grown high; wildflowers there have not yet reached profusion, and leaves on the deciduous trees are only a hint of the dense canopy that they soon will form.

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