(July 8, 2017) With a few obvious exceptions, there’s no bad time to go to a good garden.

It was cloudy this Saturday afternoon, but one of the best “backyard” gardens in the country was open to the public that day.

It just so happens that this backyard is in the middle of Blue Hill, Maine, and consists of 10 beautiful acres of various environments.

There are more-or-less formal areas with structures and flower beds; fields of milkweed and other native plants for pollinators; bee hives; a pond; vegetables;  trails through woods where mushrooms grow, etc.  And, there are bird feeders and birdbaths everywhere.

It’s the regionally-renowned garden of Leslie Clapp and Blaise de Sibour, who generously share it with the community. Here are some images:

For larger versions of the above images, as well as additional images of the garden, click on the link below. (We recommend that your initial viewing be in full-screen mode, which can be achieved by clicking on the Slideshow [>] icon above the featured image in the gallery to which the link will take you.) Here’s the link:



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