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Historically, January is our coldest, snowiest month and the one in which the sunsets and their afterglows are the most dramatic. This January was among the best that we’ve had and, thus, a good beginning toward fulfilling neighbor Judith Fuller’s colorful roadside banner wish for us, to the left.

January had three very good snowstorms and some of the best sunsets that we’ve seen. One of the snowstorms was of the fat-flake, slow-falling variety that was especially beautiful during the storm and after the snow carpeted our area.

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The sunsets and their afterglows were spectacular contrasts at times, especially in the context of periodic thaws that melted the snow, followed by more snow.

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Did we mention that January’s sunsets and afterglows were spectacular, especially when followed by sparkling mornings?

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Did we mention that January’s sunset afterglows were spectacular, especially when cirrostratus clouds streaked furiously 30 thousand of feet above us, auguring wind-whipped snow and rain to come?

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Conditions got a bit difficult for wildlife at times, especially the smaller, late-born fawns. But this January was not especially harsh.

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January also is prime scallop fishing time around here, whether by hand-harvesting “divers scallops” after diving off drop-down stern platforms or dredging for them with nets.


January also is the time when the Amaryllis flowers on the inside window ledge explode while the snow outside provides a perfect background.

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Finally, this January contained a second ("blue") full moon that also was a super moon and a "blood" (eclipsed) moon. Here's everything but the eclipse, which we couldn't see:

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(Brooklin, Maine)