We had a good, old-fashioned New England snow storm last night – plenty of fat flakes falling slowly and sticking to whatever they touched, no wind to speak of, and cold of the reasonable kind. Our vegetarian neighbors even came by at dusk to have a salad al fresco.

Snow 01.jpg

It was still snowing when we went to bed and, when we awoke at first light today, we realized that we had been transported into a Christmas card. The sun has to climb over a line of spruce and fir before it reaches us.

Snow 05.jpg

Parts of the North Field and Great Cove then get the light.

Snow 04.jpg

The early light created pockets of shade and light in which bristly textures were softened with snow.

Snow 09.jpg
Snow 12.jpg

As this is being written, however, it’s starting to gray up and get cold. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving is supposed to be a frigid one, according the weather tellers. (Brooklin, Maine)