February is when the weather gods play hide-and-seek with winter. As part of the game, the spectacular winter sunsets and afterglows become diminished, but there are always a few February dusks that are stunning:

Feb 01.jpg

One day in February can be warm and green, the next cold and white, followed by a thaw and then more snow or rain:

Feb 06.jpg

And then there’s February fog. Sometimes it storms in like a rogue cloud determined to destroy all sunlight. At other times the fog turns the landscape into a dreamy fantasy.

Feb 11.jpg
Feb 14.jpg

This year's February was warmer than most, producing sights of complacent wild and domestic life:

The snow and a decent amount of rain raised our water tables so that drought shouldn't be a problem in the summer. The woodland streams looked particularly robust during the month:


There also were other February weather-oriented sights, including a vintage tractor heading east and a bull moose heading north:

We mustn’t forget two special days in February: the Superbowl, in which our Patriots lost after a good game, and Valentine’s Day, which produced some interesting sights around here:

In the end, we’ll remember February mostly for its many transformations.

Feb 22.jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)

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