The proverb about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb was an understatement for us this year.  March came in like a howling, snow-breathing dragon and left us with its apologies in the form of beguilingly calm last moments. The month's fantastical extremes can be illustrated with two images:

Mar 01.jpg

We had four significant Nor’easter snow blizzards this March, with enormous tides and winds approaching 50 miles per hour at times. Fortunately, we had little significant damage here and the sights were spectacular. Here are a few:

Mar 03.jpg
Mar 10.jpg
Mar 02.jpg

The White-Tailed Deer found it easier to stroll in the roads, and the Wild Turkeys had some tough times, often having to fly instead of walking in soft snow; barn doors were opened on sunny days for the goats and chickens to stretch their legs:

Mar 13.jpg

The winds of March had us watching the many interesting weather vanes here, including these:

March was a series of freezes and thaws from the beginning. The thaws brought fog to the shore and fields, followed by cold, cleansing snow. In between, rain chains became ice chains and melt chains.

Mar 16.jpg
Mar 17.jpg

On March 22, the Glass Eel Elver fishing season began, as these valuable baby American Eels came back from the sea on their annual migration to find the streams of their parents. And, our eel fishermen had their nets waiting for them.

As March was leaving, it showed its best: the wonder of that hopeful time that is neither winter nor spring:

Mar 24.jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)

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