Additional Images and Text Added March 9, 2018


It’s been snowing and blowing here since yesterday afternoon. The weather tellers are now predicting that we might get 12 to 16 inches of snow, which isn’t bad for a March lion. We haven’t lost power yet, but did have one annoying power snap, just long enough to intimidate all the digital clocks and get them blinking. The snowflakes are small, but they’re sticking to branches and needles. Fortunately for the weighed-down trees, the wind gusts are mostly less than 10 miles per hour. Here are some morning images:

Snow 02.jpg
Snow 04.jpg
Snow 01.jpg
Snow 06.jpg


The snow continues incessantly, sometimes very fine, sometimes fat; still no significant wind and no flooding. The private drives through the woods have been plowed once; the public roads are being plowed and "salted" continually; driving is no problem, except for one part of Back Road, where a tree is down. Here are some afternoon images:

PM 01.jpg
PM 06.jpg
PM 10.jpg
PM 13.jpg
PM 17.jpg


We awoke to a beautiful morning and with thanks to the weather gods for sparing Brooklin from any significant damage during two March Nor'easters. (Our theory is that those gods signed up for summer courses at the WoodenBoat School here and want to make sure that the courses start on time.) It looks like we got about a foot of snow in settled areas of our property. Here's what it looked like at 8 a.m. this morning as we gazed to the Southwest over our North Field to Great Cove and Babson Island and other islands in Eggemoggin Reach; the open Atlantic is just out of frame to the left:


(Brooklin, Maine)

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