We’re still monitoring the progress on Sonny, this sharp-bowed 91+-foot sloop that the Brooklin Boat Yard has been building for over a year. She likely will come out of the shop next week to get her huge carbon fiber mast and boom affixed, while the remaining work will continue al fresco. Launching is expected in May.

BBY 05.jpg

This high-performance cruiser will have a flush deck, aggressively-raked bow, and a reverse transom. There will be two cockpits, an aft sailing cockpit containing the wheel and a center one for entertainment, both protected by cockpit comings.

Work is progressing primarily on three levels at the shop, as shown below. At the middle level, the sloop's high-gloss hull reflects builders at their benches. At the bottom level, there's access to her 42,770-pound ballast keel and propeller for her 301-horsepower diesel engine. Returning to her bow at the top work floor, we can get a sense of the sloop's 19-foot beam.

BBY 04.jpg
BBY 03.jpg

BBY obviously is doing something right: Sonny is the third yacht by that name built for same owner; the other two were 70-footers. Stay tuned. (Brooklin, Maine)