Our first visiting schooner of the season, the Stephen Taber, sailed into Great Cove Saturday afternoon and sailed out Sunday morning, as you see her here raising anchor and departing. She’s a National Historic Landmark out of Rockland, Maine.

Taber 03.jpg

This 110-foot windjammer was launched in 1871 and still does not have an engine. But, don’t worry about the passengers – the Stephen Taber is reputed to serve gourmet food and her visit to our Cove was part of an advertised four-day “Wine, Dine, & Chocolate Cruise.” Chocolate?!

Taber 04.jpg
Taber 01.jpg

Well, the promo says it’s Black Dinah Chocolate from Blue Hill, but they could have done just as well with chocolate from the Brooklin Candy Company.

Taber 02.jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)