When it comes to Bears, we only have the Black variety in Maine, but we have more of them than does any of the other lower 48 states. This hefty fellow visited us Thursday evening (June 14) and we ran him off with a yell.


According to Maine Wildlife officials, Black Bears virtually never attack out of aggression or for protection of cubs. Apparently, the few confrontations there are usually relate to very hungry bears, food, and panic by both bear and human. (Don’t store food in your camping tent!)

The wildlife officials say that slowly backing away and/or making a commotion (e.g., yelling and waiving arms) is the best way to treat a nearby bear. If a Bear does attack, they advise that you yell, kick, and hit it with something; don’t run. (Easy for them to say.)


Black Bears are larger in the Northeast than in the Southeast and West. Our adult males (“Boars”) typically range from about 125 to 550 pounds, depending on age; our females (“Sows”) usually get to around 175 pounds, according to reports. (Brooklin, Maine)