Now that the warbler migration is mostly over, we’re beginning to see the usual hordes of Migrating Water Paddlers. Their favorite environments of MWPs range from the clear, still waters of Great Cove to the raging, white waters of Blue Hill Falls:

Kayak 02.jpg
(This image from a prior year)

(This image from a prior year)

MWPs come in greatly varying forms and colors and, unlike most migrants, they're not averse to roosting atop vehicles:

Kayak 01.jpg
Kayak 05.jpg

In fact, they'll roost almost anywhere:

Kayak 07.jpg

Many of the WWPs here are exquisite, handmade creatures:

(This image from a prior year.)

(This image from a prior year.)

The MWP species name reportedly is a transliteration of the Inuit Eskimo word for a low, sleek boat propelled by a double-bladed paddle – a “Gayag” We prefer to spell the word with Ks rather than Gs at each end. (Brooklin, Maine) For more images, click here: