Angelique motored into Great Cove at dusk Wednesday (May 30) with her famous tanbark-colored sails furled. This was the first night of a "Three-Night Wildlife Cruise" on this windjammer out of Camden, Maine. Thursday dawned on her in the Cove as most of her passengers slept.

Ang 04.jpg

After breakfast, some of Angelique's passengers rowed themselves ashore for a short visit to the WoodenBoat campus and its store:

Ang 05.jpg

We got to see her full beauty about 11 a.m., when Angelique departed under almost full sail.

Ang 02.jpg

She was built in 1980 for the tourist trade and meant to look very old, but have modern conveniences – including a metal hull. Angelique is 130 feet long overall and the only Maine windjammer that is configured as a gaff-rigged topsail ketch.

Ang 01.jpg

Her sails’ color is part of her old look. When sails were made of cotton, the sailcloth often was dipped in tree bark tannin to protect against rot; the resulting red-brown color was (and is) called tanbark. (Brooklin, Maine)