In many small towns, there’s a dog that virtually everyone knows or recognizes. Ours was Digby, shown below, who died in an accident a few days ago. He was a mixture of Bernese and Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs who was born in Colorado and “airmailed” to Maine as a puppy.

022216 017_edited-1-XL.jpg

Digby was the Town greeter, usually lying on his owners’ open porch or a pile of snow about 30 feet from the main road into Brooklin. He often was the first living personality that we’d see as we came into Town, especially in the winter, when he loved being outside. We still instinctively look for him there as we round the bend.

We’re told that another B-P puppy is being airmailed here from Digby’s breeders in Colorado. Its name will be Torrey, the name of islands just off our coast that Digby loved to visit. (Brooklin, Maine)