As this visiting sailboat left Great Cove recently, three nearby locals – a pair of 12.5-footers and a Dory – were overheard by someone who speaks Boat. They whispered this:

1st 12.5: The one from Rhode Island’s leaving.

2nd 12.5: It’s a fair wind; wouldn’t mind going out myself.

1st 12.5: But she’s got a GREEN sail up – LOOK!.

2nd 12.5: Don’t stare.

1st 12.5: I’m talkin’ REALLY GREEN-Green; St. PATRICKS’ Green; flying LIME ……

Dory: SHUSH; she’ll hear you.

2nd 12.5 (ignoring Dory, as usual): Just peeked; she handles her color well. Remember, she’s more than TWICE our size.

1st 12.5: Now that you mention THAT, did you see how she swung and bobbed that stout stern all night?

Dory (to herself): I GOTTA get away from here!

(Brooklin, Maine)