Our August sun seems to rise over Great Cove slower than other months so that we can savor the best of times. Our August woods and fields seem to sing "Summertime, Summertime!" Our August skies seem to remind us to use August fully and well; change is about to happen.

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We can learn from the wildlife: August is a time that they seem to live to the fullest. The yearling buck proudly displays his first real antlers; Goldfinches, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds,  and Red Squirrels gorge themselves; Painted Turtles bask during the month's easy days. This August, the Monarch Butterflies returned in good numbers and bred well -- a beautiful encouragement.

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Dogs and Cats work hard at their summer jobs in August here. They retrieve valuable sticks, serve as all-seeing boat lookouts, and  -- in the case of Jethro, the popular Harbor Cat -- diligently guard the Harbor Boathouse.

August also is a good time to watch Schooners perform in Great Cove. The big vessels come and go, often parading silently, sometimes giving us an encore magic act in which they appear and disappear.

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But, August in Great Cove is not just for big Schooners. In fact, it's mostly a place where colorful small boats sail in sun and fog, sit patiently on their reflections, or become floating classrooms for the sailors who attend the Cove's famous WoodenBoat School.

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August also is a time to walk the Maine woods and fields and to appreciate wild pond flora and fauna. It's for picking ripened Blackberries and popping them into your mouth when there is no hygiene-minded person around; for Black-Eyed Susans to try to soak up all our sun; for remembering not to pick the pretty purple Bull Thistle; for Queen Anne's Lace and Goldenrod to become poignant reminders that fall is on the way; for fading wild Fragrant Water Lilies to offer their last nectar to passing Honeybees, and for multi-colored fungi to suddenly appear like little lights in darkening woods.

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We began these Postcards with the sun rising over the sea and we finish after the sun has disappeared into the sea. It will be dark within two minutes, but we'll leave a light on for you.

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(All images taken in Down East Maine during August 2018.)