We got another snow storm yesterday. This latest storm wasn’t spectacular, but it had its moments, especially in the early morning when it veiled the vistas:


We’ve had enough snow storms this winter for the phenomenon to start to become boring. However, our neighbors who prefer to dine outside, including Morning Doves, Dark-Eyed Juncos, and Wild Turkeys, appear to continue to find the storms annoying at best:


The snow flakes were wet enough to cling to the branches and deep enough to turn walking into a workout.


We of course had to have our driveway plowed — again. Our thanks go to Jerry Gray and his drivers who always have been reliable in digging us out.


In the afternoon, rain chased the snow and the sun chased the rain, creating some extraordinary light on the freshly-cleansed landscape. It was a good predictor for this morning’s sunny beauty.


(Brooklin, Maine)