Everyone is hoping that yesterday’s tantrum by the weather gods – cold, snow, sleet, rain, and, finally, slushy thaw – is the last of that kind of behavior until winter. Nonetheless, their gray moodiness had some memorable moments, including the Camperdown Elm in the Brooklin Cemetery seemingly trying to protect huddled gravestones from the fine snow and sleet:


The nearby reflective fire pond seemed to be gulping the fluttering snowflakes when they turned fat:


The woods’ streams were bursting out of their snowy overcoats.


Country Lanes were plowed while, of course, wooded paths remained undisturbed, except by wildlife and a wild photographer:


The gnarly character of old apple and crab apple trees seemed to be enhanced by snow.


In the early afternoon, Naskeag Harbor was experiencing more rain and sleet than snow, and the temperature was rising to the point that the thaw had begun along the beach:


The thaw was remarkably fast. Here you see our frozen rain chain starting to melt yesterday afternoon and being virtually bare early this morning:

Speaking of this morning, that’s when the weather gods redeemed themselves with a sparkling blue and white gift::


(Brooklin, Maine)