This is an image of last night’s uncommon “Full Flower Moon” that is merged with an image of one of our most common flowers. A May full moon is called a Flower Moon for an obvious reason: May is when many flowers appear, especially Dandelions.


But, last night’s moon was special because it was the third full moon in Spring, which began with the March 20 equinox. There will be a fourth full moon on June 17, before Spring ends on June 21. By astronomic definition, the third full moon in any one season that has four full moons is a “Blue Moon.” (The second full moon in any one month also is called a “Blue Moon.”)


These white moons are called Blue Moons because they are relatively rare, as are real blue moons caused by smoke or other atmospheric disturbances. Here is last night’s moon as it really was:


(Brooklin, Maine)