Waves of warblers are now coming through, driving us crazy as we try to identify the flitting and confusingly-named beauties.  Here we have a Common Yellowthroat Warbler, which is not to be confused with the different Yellow-Throated Warbler.


In fact, this is a male Common Yellowthroat, which is not to be confused with the female; she does not wear a mask, but loves them – she reportedly chooses a mate based on the size of his mask. (Bigger is better, when it comes to this species.) Here’s what she looks like


Common Yellowthroats are our only warblers that nest low in reedy marshes and like to hop around at the water’s edge; they’re easily missed by those who always look up for warblers.


However, the males frequently sit in low trees just above the cattails to sing over their domain:.


(Brooklin, Maine)