Sailing season must be coming: WoodenBoat School staff members attached the docking float to the WBS pier at low tide on Thursday (May 23).

Pier 1.jpg

Many consider a “dock” and a “pier” to be interchangeable words. But some of us are persnickety and consider a dock as a parking place for boats, a place that may be part of a floating pier that is in the water or attached to a stationary pier that is above the water. The pier, in effect, is the walkway or roadway to the dock area. That area may be a docking or boarding “float” attached to the pier by chains and accessed via a gangway down from the pier, as is the case at the WBS.

Pier 2.jpg

[Added later: The gangway was affixed in the morning of May 28:}


(Brooklin, Maine)