Today is the most profound of our three annual military recognition days: it’s Memorial Day, when we honor those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The other days are May 18, Armed Forces Day, when we honored those on active duty and November 11, Veterans Day, when we’ll honor those who previously served in the military.


The image above is from the full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery for someone we think of on all three days: Don Green, a good friend, colleague, and former Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. More images of his ceremony are below, followed by local images.


The above military ceremony for our friend was several years ago, but we also visited Brooklin’s Naskeag Cemetery yesterday to honor many local veterans whom we never knew. Most notable, perhaps, was William Reed, a Captain in George Washington’s Revolutionary Army who participated in “The Battle of Naskeag,” a 1778 skirmish with Redcoats not far from the cemetery.


Veterans from many other eras are buried there, including those under these gravestones:


At the Naskeag Cemetery yesterday, we were reminded that hope often emerges from sadness — the beautiful crab apple trees there are about to bloom.:


(Brooklin, Maine).