If you like to go out singing and dancing in the rain, Brooklin has been the place for you lately. If you’re not quite that exuberant, but feel cooped up, you can join us for this short, virtual walk to see some of our summer flowers being bejeweled by yesterday’s weather gods.

The tough Beach Rose (Rosa rugosa) seems to be warning the wind and rain not o dare to come closer, while the disheveled Iris seem to open their mouths to drink in the rain.


The modest Peonies remain closed to the showers, while the mysteries of the flamboyant Poppies are revealed after gentle persuasion.


The colorful mazes of Azaleas and evergreen Rhododendrons confuse and trap the wandering raindrops.

And, of course, the impervious wild Lupines pretend that nothing is happening.


(Brooklin, Maine):