It’s a poignant time in Great Cove. The WoodenBoat School’s sailing classes have ended and the School’s small boats are being pulled, seemingly reluctantly, from the water. These spirited vessels are now being power-washed and herded docilely to dark storage.


But, we suspect, many glorious summer memories remain bright for those who sailed them earlier this year:

The boats’ impermeable mooring gear – mushroom anchors, chains, lines, floats, and the like – also is being pulled and winched from the water and washed. But, it’s hung from outside timbers like the jewelry of giants.


The School’s famous boatbuilding courses will end Saturday (September 28), after which the School will tidy things up and close until 2020. We hope to be able to do a posting on the closing of the 2019 boatbuilding classes soon. (Brooklin, Maine)

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