Here we see Tuesday’s (September 24’s) storm coming in over Mount Cadillac in Acadia National Park across Blue Hill Bay.


Shortly after that image was taken, high winds, rain, hail, and lightning raked Naskeag Peninsula as the storm quickly passed over us. Our house was struck and the lights flickered, but didn’t go out. It was over quickly and, by evening, Great Cove was serene, as you can see here:


The next day was lovely. The schooner Stephen Taber was a beautiful sight sailing out of the Cove, which she dashed into for safety the day before:


Nonetheless, there sometimes is a price to pay for secluded beauty. The storm left us with no Wi-Fi (fried routing switch) and no TV (disoriented cable boxes and dish), which were fixed by yesterday. And, yesterday also was lovely. (Brooklin, Maine)