This year’s October colors were not as spectacular as last year’s, but there were some outstanding trees, especially the Maples.

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The Blueberry fields also displayed muted beauty, as did the mountains in Acadia National Park.

The most intense October colors appeared in the shrubs, grasses, and berries. The Viburnum leaves, Bittersweet buds, Silver Grass, and Mountain Ash berries were especially dramatic.

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Some of the Animal Kingdom contributed to the month's color, including the Wood Ducks, Monarch Butterflies, and Meadowhawk Dragonflies.

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October is the when some lobster fishermen start unloading their gear to end the season; it's also when small boats and moorings are hauled out of the water.

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On October 30, hurricane-force winds and torrential rain hit our coast, wreaking record-breaking damage. As of the beginning of November, tens of thousands of homes (including ours) were without power. [We didn't regain power until the afternoon of November 30.]


There also was a glitch with Halloween. A witch-in-training tried texting while practicing flying. The result made one of our local spooks shout “Ouch!”

Nonetheless, all’s well that ends well. We’ll remember October’s many fine sunsets.

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