This is Winter Snow Storm,” Brooklin Cemetery; it and the image below it are part of my show at the Friend Memorial Library, which will be up through November 30.


The twisting Camperdown Elm Tree in the cemetery is a rarity. It's a cultivar that can be traced back to a unique tree created about 1837 in Dundee, Scotland. David Taylor, the Earl of Camperdown’s head forester, then found a young, contorted Elm-like tree and grafted a cutting of it to a Wych Elm; he planted that cultivar in the Earl’s garden, where it remains today. All remaining Camperdowns are the result of subsequent graftings of the species.

There also are summer and spring images in the exhibit, including the following Summer Dusk, Naskeag Point:

i-FZX5rTm-X2 (1).jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)