This is a mobile home lot that won’t open until spring. Now, it’s a cemetery of washed-up shells once owned by Periwinkles that have gone to snail heaven.


In the spring, Hermit Crabs will arise out of their “crab torpor” (hibernation within the ocean bottom) and come into the shallows looking for a place like this. Some of the crabs will need to trade in their tight, old shells for bigger ones. Here's one from the summer:

082609  Maine 062-L.jpg

Periwinkles are non-native sea snails that were introduced here from Europe centuries ago on the rocks used as ballast in the old sailing ships. Now, they occupy rocks along our shore:

082209  Maine 032-XL.jpg

Periwinkle shells often are collected and made into jewelry. The snails, themselves, can be cooked and eaten as appetizers. (Brooklin, Maine)