The Matilda Bay, a fishing vessel out of nearby Blue Hill, sank in the cold waters of Naskeag Harbor Wednesday night or early Thursday, possibly having been swamped during high winds. Here we see Matilda Bay as she was being brought up off the bottom yesterday afternoon:

Sunk 01.jpg

For reference, here's an image of her moored picturesquely in the Harbor during a snow flurry four days ago (December 19):

Sunk 02.jpg

A significant local effort was made to raise her and tow her to shallow waters for pumping and inspection. Hours of bitter cold labor were endured by, among others, the crews of the fishing vessels Captain Morgan, Christopher-Devin II, and Dear Abbie:, as well as Al Hutchins on his derrick barge and professional diver Greg Canders, who braved the 38-degree water.

Above, we see a red float marking the location of the Matilda Bay and Canders surfacing after an inspection and positioning of air bags. Then, as the air is pumped, she begins to rise. Below, Hutchins' derrick gets hold of Matilda Bay's mast and starts the lift:

Part of Matilda Bay's cabin breaks the surface:

Towing lines are attached, and she's brought into shallow water to await a low tide pumping, inspection, and movement to a repair facility

Sunk 13.jpg

At low tide early this morning, Matilda Bay suffered the further indignity of being caught in this snow and sleet storm:

Sunk 14.jpg


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(Brooklin, Maine)