Below we see Toroa, a 72-foot luxury racing sloop that was launched from the Brooklin Boat Yard yesterday afternoon.

She’s in a motorized hoist that will take her to the launching slip and gently lower her into Eggemogin Reach.

Toroa is registered in London and is flying the British Red Ensign for the ceremony. Nonetheless, we’re told that her principal port will be in Spain, where she was designed.

The wife of the unnamed owner performed the traditional Champagne bottle christening with gusto – the bottle appeared to nick Toroa’s sharp bow, even though the area was protected by a taped covering.

The hoist slowly transported Toroa to the launching slip, which was a very tight fit. Her 20-foot beam left only a few inches space on each side.

Once on the water, her clean lines become apparent, as does the immensity of her 92-foot mast.

At the moment, Toroa is tied up at the Boatyard pier. Work will continue on the boat while she’s in the water, including installation of an Italian hydraulic system.

(Brooklin, Maine)

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