The many moods of the Maine coast are especially evident in June – sun, fog, rain, and clouds enveloping tidal and still waters, wild and garden flowers, birds, and boats. It’s finally summer, glorious summer.

The visiting birds of June included many warblers singing for a mate, including this Yellow Warbler.

June also is the time when many of our birds nest and raise fledglings. High in a nest in the nearby deep woods, one of two fledgling Broad-Winged Hawks sits in its nest under the eyes of a watchful mother.

Of course, we don't overlook (as many do) the beauty of our hard-working residents, the Herring Gulls.

June is the month that the schooners begin to prowl the coast, gliding into our Great Cove like pleasantly-intruding memories of Maine's past. They’re impressive when catching a good wind or just basking in the sun.

Our resident working vessels also can be picturesque in the early June light.

However, the soul of summer here is in the small fleet of sailboats that dart around Great Cove, many of them being sailed by eager and energetic students at our neighborly WoodenBoat School.

Although we’re in a coastal town, the flowers of June are not to be ignored. Many wildflowers and grasses spread themselves along the shore and among the fields. These include Lupines, Buttercups, Beach Roses, and Wild Iris.

June is when the butterflies arrive to be among those flowers and grasses, including Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and various Fritillaries.

The shady green bogs of June host a large variety of wonderful plants, including Jack in the Pulpits and Pink Lady Slippers.

The bogs and fields are not the only place to find Interesting plants. The rain and fog of a coastal town help make the gardens of June lush. Peonies, Snapdragons, and Rhododendrons were especially attractive this June.

Maine’s still waters also come alive in June, with the sudden appearance of frogs, dragon and damsel flies, and turtles, among other residents. Well, perhaps the words “come alive” are not exactly accurate when it comes to our Painted Turtles enjoying the sun.

In terms of June events, perhaps the most important locally was the opening of our new Brooklin General Store after more than a year without one. There also was the very recent Brooklin Boat Yard launching of the Toroa, a 72-foot luxury racing sloop. It's a handsome temporary addition to the waters of our Eggemoggin Reach.

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Barbara and Dick