The difference between yesterday and today promises to be startling. Sunny yesterday’s reported 29-degree temperature (Fahrenheit) broke the back of a record-long cold spell that never reached 20 degrees.


Small coves and bays – such as Surry’s Patten Bay above and below – had been iced-in for days. Both images were taken yesterday.


As we speak, it's snowing lightly here. This flurry is forecast to turn into a nor’easter blizzard (Winter Storm Grayson) that will sweep in from the sea and swallow us, bringing significant snow accumulation, high winds, coastal flooding, and bitter cold. It’s supposed to be a “Bomb Cyclone” (scientifically, “Bombogenesis” or “Clyclogenesis”) of low pressure and cyclonic (circling) winds. Hang on! (Brooklin, Maine)