Well, as far as our little piece of heaven on earth goes, yesterday’s “Bomb Cyclone” was a bust. It did have its intriguing snow-blown moments and the tide did flood the town dock at Naskeag Harbor, but we expected more after all that media hype. Maybe it’s because we’ve become a bit blasé about bombogenesis, unlike those to the south who see less of it. Here’s the beginning of the flooding of the dock:

Snow 01.jpg

The red barn on Flye Point ridge became muted, but nicely so:

Snow 02.jpg

Familiar things started to be transformed early:

A very high tide engulfed all of the Naskeag Point sandbar until the Point became a mere nubbin.

Snow 03.jpg

It got darker:

Snow 09.jpg

And darker:

Snow 11.jpg

A black night descended, but this morning the North Field was all light and purity.

Snow 12.jpg

Oh, yes, Jerry Gray's crew had to disturb that beauty a bit so that we can get out of our driveway today and go into Town:

Snow 13.jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)