It’s officially The Christmas Season here: the Brooklin General Store’s wreath and holiday lights are out, as you can see from this image taken Monday, December 3:


Historically, one of the many charms of a small town was one or more general stores that could act as community hubs. Most general stores appear to be gone now, but not ours. The BGS is the latest (and best) in a line of general stores that extends back at least to 1872, with minor lapses. The Store’s welcoming lights are the beginning of that “finally home” feeling when returning on a dark winter night. It’s also a place to stop for coffee on a snowy day, such as November 16:


The Store not only sells basic groceries, it’s where you can have breakfast and conversation before dawn; a café for lunch; a place to get gas, oil, and air for the car; a State tagging station for successful deer hunters, and the last-chance to pick up beer, wine, fresh pizza, and/or dessert on the way home. Click on image to enlarge it. (Brooklin, Maine)