Here we see Dear Abbie: in Naskeag Harbor yesterday, one of the boats that switched from lobster fishing to fishing for Atlantic Sea Scallops this month:

Rig 01.jpg

These boats had to be re-rigged as trawlers with masts and booms, which pull and hoist the dredges that scrape up the delicious mollusks. Some boats also are platforms for SCUBA divers who hand-harvest “Diver Scallops” in certain areas. Tarr Baby, below, is one of those:

Rig 02.jpg

Scallop fishing is highly regulated in Maine waters, where the season lasts 50, 60, or 70 days, depending on zone. For environmental protection, those fishing days are spread over a few days each month from December into April, with some additional November dates available for diving. The daily limit is 15 gallons (shucked on board) per licensed fisherman.

We get our fresh diver scallops from neighbor David Tarr, who Captains Tarr Baby. (Brooklin, Maine)