Yesterday morning at Great Cove was a bit uncomfortable, a need-your-jacket/hood-would-be-good event with the sun winning some rounds and losing others.  However, it was a fabulous  morning because the wind was good and it was the first day of sailing classes at the WoodenBoat School here. 

Sail 04.jpg

Great Cove comes alive when the little WBS 12 ½ - footers show what wind, wood, and sail are meant to do. This week’s class, Elements of Sailing for Women, was making that happen under the direction of instructors Jane Ahifeld, Robin Lincoln, and Greg Bauer.

Sail 02.jpg
Sail 01.jpg
Sail 03.jpg

Coming in and grabbing the mooring buoy without falling in the Cove is an important and often difficult lesson for Day One.

Sail 05.jpg
Sail 06.jpg
Sail 10.jpg

Judging by this morning, these students will look like old salts by Saturday. (Brooklin, Maine)