The Alewives are now trying desperately to get home. They’re re-running the same deadly gauntlet that they faced when they arrived from the open Atlantic in spring. Here, we see Herring Gulls ambushing the Alewives in the pools at the mouth of Patten Stream.

Ale 01.jpg

They come to Maine then, guided by their sense of smell, and migrate up freshwater rivers and streams to ponds and lakes, where they spawn. In June, most of them try to make the dangerous return trip. They’re a form of herring that just about everything eats and/or uses. Humans eat them and use them for lobster and fish bait.

Ale 04.jpg

Just a few yards into Patten Bay, the harbor seals lurk. 

Ale 03.jpg

After that come the hungry striped bass, loons, ospreys, eagles, and more. (Surry, Maine)