Leprechaun hunting season up here begins September 1 and ends November 30. It coincides with the fall mushroom (some say toadstool) season. The Maine limit on taking Leprechauns is one adult male per year, which the State is thinking of raising because we have too many Leprechauns due to a lack of natural predators.

LBM 03.jpg

It’s a difficult sport, Leprechaun hunting. Only those without fault can see them. (We’re told by a neighbor that there’s a magnificent Leprechaun specimen sitting between the two mushroom stalks in the image above.)

LBM 04.jpg

Everyone can see the signs of Leprechaun activity, however, one of which is a mushroom toppled at a Leprechaun party. We believe, by the way, that these images may be of Short-Stalked Suillus Mushrooms (Suillus brevipes), a favorite Leprechaun hiding place. (Brooklin, Maine)