The 170-foot Schooner Victory Chimes sailed into foggy Great Cove Monday afternoon (September 4); she sailed out in a fair wind and under sunny skies yesterday morning. She's shown below coming in through the fog; her departure is shown further below after a little history.:

VC A.jpg

 Launched in 1900, this three-masted schooner plied the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay areas as the Edwin & Maude until 1954, when she came to Maine. Once here, she was renamed the Victory Chimes in honor of a Canadian schooner of that name that had been launched on Armistice Day in 1918.

During the late 1980s, she was bought and restored by Domino's Pizza and named Domino Effect. In 1990, this National Historic Landmark was purchased again, renamed Victory Chimes, and put to work as a Coastal Cruiser hailing out of Rockland, Maine.

VC 06.jpg

She's shown above as the sun found her yesterday, anchored calmly with her aft sail up as a stay and her passengers ashore exploring the WoodenBoat School campus.  After her passengers returned, she raised sail and spun toward us.

VC 07.jpg

Unlike previous visits, there was a fair wind that allowed this motorless Coaster to put up a plenty of canvas and depart without a boost from her powerful yawl boat. 

VC C.jpg

She headed southwest out of the Cove into a hazy Eggemoggin Reach.

VC 08.jpg
VC 09.jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)