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We humans have been decorating our homes with replicas of other animals since our homes were caves. Why? That’s part of the question raised by the fascinating January Exhibit at the Friend Memorial Public Library in Brooklin, which opened yesterday.

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Titled “Animals That Bring Us Joy,” the show was conceived by neighbor Si Balch. It fills the Library exhibit room with more than 50 animal works from area homes. Some are fine works of art, others are fine works of fun, and others are fine works of I’ve-Never-Seen-Anything-Like-That-Before” – all joyous to their owners. There’s even a game that you can play: how many figures can you find in the background of the beautifully drawn framed picture of horses below?

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Here are a few more images of pieces in the show, which must be seen in person to be fully appreciated:

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Highly Recommended. (Brooklin, Maine)

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